Design Starts From the Z

A basic design principle for print is the Z layout.

Z-Pattern Layout

As you would expect the z-pattern layout follows the shape of the letter z.

Readers (your audience) will start reading:

1) in the top/left corner,

2) move horizontally to the top/right

3) and then diagonally to the bottom/right before finishing

4) with another horizontal movement to the bottom/right.

They move their eyes in a Z pattern.

A designer should place the most important information along the pattern’s path.

Place the largest and most important graphic in the top hand left corner and then the reader will not have to backtrack to read your text. This unconsciously feels balanced and makes the reader want to stay longer on your page or ad.

The z-pattern is good for simple designs with a few key elements that need to be seen.  Storytelling would follow the path of the z.

Thanks to Vanseo Design for some of the content.

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